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I don't know.

I am still performing,   
I do not have any tour dates for 2013 scheduled.
I don't have a dvd for sale.

Saturday Night Live (5)
the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (3)
Late Night with David Letterman (2)
Sesame Street (PBS)
Best Young Comedians (HBO)
Comic Relief 
Night of 100 Stars
The Dick Cavett Show (PBS)
The Smother's Brothers Second Show (4)
The News is the News (series cast member and staff writer NBC)
Life of the Party (Cinemax)
The Royal Variety (BBC)
Bob Monkhouse (5)
Paul Daniels (2)


He starred in 3 Broadway shows, including "Sugar Babies" along side Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller. Michael Davis has been a special favorite of Presidents, having been invited to the White House several times by Presidents Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, and President Bill Clinton.  Michael Davis has performed his one-man theatre show internationally from London to San Francisco.  Essentially, Michael Davis has successfully performed on every type of stage and for every type of audiences, from circus to night clubs, TV, Broadway, living rooms and corporate stages.

Michael Davis is especially known for corporate shows, having performed hundred of comedy shows for corporate audiences with custom material.

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